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Kickstart your day with this unique blend of organic tea leaves and specialized TCM herbs. Expertly formulated by a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost your energy levels and help you seize the day.



  • Chen Pi (mandarin peel) - regulates qi.
  • Gui Zhi (cinnamon twig) - warming and invigorates blood circulation.
  • Lu Cha (green tea) - enhances alertness and boosts mental clarity.
  • Ci Wu Jia (Siberian ginseng) - boosts energy naturally by balancing the body.


Jump-start your morning with 1-2 tsp of this refreshing blend. It is ideal before breakfast or during mid-day slumps. Allow 4-5 minutes to steep, and you're set to seize the day. Cheers to boosted energy!


40g of organic herbal tea blend per pack

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