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Slumber Partea

Slumber Partea

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This herbal tea blend is intended for sleep. Combination of organic tea leaves and TCM herbs. Formulated by Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  • Bai He (lily bulb) - clears heat and calms shen (emotion).
  • Da Zao (red date) - nourishes blood and calms shen (emotion).
  • Huang Chu Ju (chamomile) - calms shen (emotion).
  • Mei Gi Hua (rosebud) - moves qi, relieves stagnation and soothes the liver.
  • Wu Wei Zi (schisandra berry) - calms the heart.


Brew 1-2 tsp in AM and PM after food or an occasional delicious brew with benefits. Steep for 4-5 min.


40g of organic herbal tea blend per pack

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