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Mama Tonic

Mama Tonic

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Nourish your post-birth journey with Mama Tonic, a blend specially curated for new parents by a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Infused with organic herbs and restorative TCM elements, this tea aims to support your well-being as you step into this new chapter of life. Sip and savour the nurturing moments!


  • Dang Shen (Codonopsis Root), Huang Qi (astralagus), Shan Yao (Chinese yams) - Tonify Qi and boost spleen and promote digestion
  • Gou Qi Zi (go ji berries), Da Zao (red dates), Gan Jiang (ginger), Dang Gui (angelica) - Nourish liver blood and boost spleen yang.


Steep one herbal pack in water, ensuring the herbs are covered by at least an inch of water, for 20 minutes. Then, bring the infusion to a boil and let it simmer for another 20 minutes. After simmering, strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Consider dividing the fluid into equal portions in a large ice tray for convenient daily use. Freeze and use one large cube daily to elevate your oatmeal, overnight oats, bone broth, or soups, or relish it as a daily revitalizing tonic.


70g of organic herbs per pack

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