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Get your glow on with this herbal tea blend, crafted for radiant skin. It's a fusion of organic tea leaves and potent TCM herbs, all expertly curated by a seasoned Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sip your way to a brighter, healthier complexion!


  • Jin Yin Hua (honeysuckle) - Clears heat.
  • Ju Hua (chrysanthemum) - Clears heat and resolves toxicity.
  • Lu Cha (green tea) - clears heat and improves complexion.
  • Mei Gi Hua (rosebud) - Moves blood and nourishes the skin.
  • Niu Bang Zi (burdock) - Reduces inflammation.
  • Pu Gong Yin (dandelion) - Clears heat, resolves dampness and reduces inflammation.


Elevate your AM and PM rituals with just 1-2 tsp of this beneficial brew. Best enjoyed post-meal for maximum glow. Give it a 4-5 minute steep, and you're good to sip! Cheers to a brew that does more.

40g of organic herbal tea blend per pack

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