TCM Organs


  • Heart is referred to as the emperor of the body and houses the mind. 
  • Heart loathes heat - hot weather affects the heart. As heart houses the mind, excessive heart heat results in emotional imbalances.
  • Heart controls speech - imbalances in heart will result aphasia, stuttering and talkativeness. 
  • Time: 11 am - 1 pm
  • Functions: 
    • Governs the blood 
    • Controls the blood vessels 
    • Manifests in the complexion 
    • Related to Joy 
    • Opens into the tongue 
    • Controls sweat 
    • Affected by joy


  • Liver Controls planning - liver gives us the capacity to plan our life soothly and wisely. Liver imbalance would result in inability to plan and a lack of direction.
  • Liver loathes wind - Windy weather affects the liver. During windy periods individuals with liver disharmony will feel unwell and most will experience headaches and neck stiffness. 
  • Time: 1-3 am
  • Functions:
    • Stores blood 
    • Regulates smooth flow of qi 
    • Controls the sinews 
    • Manifests in the nails 
    • Opens into the eyes 
    • Controls tears 
    • Affected by anger 


  • Lungs loathe cold - lungs influence the skin and the defensive Qi (immune system) and are easily affected by exterior wind-cold.
  • Lungs govern the voice - strength, tone and clarity of voice are all dependant on the lungs. If lungs are heathy the voice will be loud and clear. If lungs are weak the voice will be low and tone will be muffled.
  • Time: 3-5 am 
  • Functions:
    • Governs Qi and respiration 
    • Controls channels and blood vessels 
    • Controls dissing and descending of Qi and body fluids 
    • Regulates all physiological activities 
    • Regulates water passage 
    • Controls the skin 
    • Manifests in the body hair 
    • Controls nasal mucus 
    • Affected by worry, grief and sadness 


  • Spleen’s main role is to assist the stomach in digestion by transporting and transforming food essence, absorbing the nutrients from food.
  • Spleen loathes dampness - dampness obstructs the spleen causing impairment in its function. This causes bloating, low appetite, loose stools, and heavy sensations all over the body. 
  • Spleen’s function is easily impaired by excessive consumption of cold liquids and icy drinks. 
  • Time: 9-11 am
  • Functions: 
    • Governs transformation and transpositions of food essence and Qi 
    • Controls ascending of Qi
    • Controls the blood
    • Controls muscles and the four limbs 
    • Manifest in the lips 
    • Controls saliva 
    • Affected by pensiveness 


  • Kidneys are referred to as root of life. It is because they store Essence, which determines our basic constitution. Portion of the Essence is derived from the parents and is established at conception. 
  • Kidneys loathe dryness - Dry weather or internal dryness injure the kidneys.
  • Kidneys control strength and skill - Kidneys control our capacity for hard work. Kidney disharmony can either drive an individual to overwork beyond measure (workaholic type behaviour) or lack the required strength for periods of hard work. If kidneys are strong, an individual can work hard and with desire for a long period of time
  • Time: 5-7 pm
  • Function: 
    • Store Essence and govern with, growth, reproduction and development
    • Produce marrow to fill up the brain and control bones 
    • Govern water
    • Opens into ears
    • Manifest in the hair 
    • Control spittle 
    • Affected by fear


  • Time: 7-9 am
  • Functions:
    • Receives food and drinks and holds them down 
    • Controls rotting and ripening of food (aka breaking down the food)
    • Controls transportation of food essence 
    • Controls descending of Qi
    • Is the origin of fluids 

Small Intestine

  • Receives food and drinks from the stomach, and separates the nutrients from the waste. Nutrients are transported by the Spleen to all parts of the body.
  • Time: 1-3 pm 
  • Functions:
    • Controls receiving and transporting 
    • Separates fluids 

Large Intestine 

  • Time: 3-5 am 
  • Functions:
    • Receives food and drinks from Small Intestine. Reabsorbs some of the fluids and excretes the stools.
    • Controls passage and conduction of digested food
    • Transforms stools and reabsorbs fluids 
  • Time: 11 pm - 1 am
  • Functions:
    • Stores and excretes bile
    • Controls decisiveness and the capacity to make decisions
    • Controls sinews 


  • Time: 
  • Functions:
    • Removes water

Tripple Burner or San Jiao 

  • Triple burner is the cavity that houses all of the organs 
  • Time: 9-11 pm
  • Functions:
    • Controls transportation of Qi to all organs 
    • Controls water passage and fluid excretions